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 Info for Tribe of Poisonous Shadows

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The Tribe of Poisonous Shadows's home is underground.
Shadowsayer's den: A tunnel branches off the Main Cave to a stone cave where the Shadowsayer made the den.
Kit Slayer's den: This tunnel is next to the entrance of the camp to block any cat from escaping during the night. There is room for 17 cats to fit comfortably.
Kit Birthing den: This is where the kit mothers birth their kits. It is a painful time for there are no healers in the Tribe.
Prey Finders's den: This den is toward the back of the camp. It's comfortable enough for 11 cats
Elder Slayer's den: This is the other side of the entrance, room enough for 17 cats to fit comfortably
Main Cave: This is where the (first part of name)sayer calls the Tribe together for meetings. The prey pile is here as well
Producer: This den is by the Kit Birthing Den. It can fit around 10-12 cats.

Tribe Laws
1. The leader can chose which part of their Kit Slayer/Elder Slayer/Prey Finders's name and become (e.g) Shadowsayer or Owlsayer or Horrorsayer, just to name a few Wink
2. All runt kits must be killed
3. All elders must be killed
4. All weak cats must be killed
5. No healers
6. Injured cats are kicked out of the Tribe to die slowly and painfully
7. Siblings of a runt must not see their runt-sibling's death. E.G:
Swallow That Dives in Water herded her strong kits away. "You must not see this."
"But why?" Her firstborn kit, Mouth of Flowing River, complained.
"It is the rules. Gentle Lapping of Silver Water will not come back."

Other stuff
Greenleaf-Warm-pool. New-leaf-Poolmelt. Leaf-fall-Coldpool. Leaf-bare-Frozenpool
The first cat to find the Tribe of Dark Nights (Dark Forest for the Tribes) was Shining Moon in Dark Night (Shining)
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Info for Tribe of Poisonous Shadows
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